Fort Bonifacio

Separated from the country’s financial district by the country’s most expensive strip of real estate, the prime location of Fort Bonifacio most certainly assures it of its place in the sun.  Properties within Fort  Bonifacio can easily be marketed as providing alternative office spaces to the already congested and expensive Makati corporate skyline.  It can also very easily be positioned as an alternative to the posh and very exclusive residential subdivisions around it.  Condominium living with all its modern conveniences and comforts, within a community of greens, is certainly quite easy to appreciate and aspire for.  Fort Bonifacio has these and more.

Fort Bonifacio is a contiguous piece of real estate that was previously home to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.  Due to its proximity to Makati, it eventually became worth more as real estate rather than as military base, thus the decision by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) to sell it.  The total size of Fort Bonifacio is 25 square kilometers.

Today, Fort Bonifacio is home to several completed high rise projects, prestigious schools, shopping complexes, restaurants, and commercial and activity centers.

Fort Bonifacio is also the future home to several planned embassies.  A very well equipped hospital is also being put up here.

Aside from what you see from the ground up, Fort Bonifacio also prides itself with its unseen development.  A huge 22 million gallon water containment facility has been built underground to capture the drainage runoff which is particularly effective during storms and thereby ensuring that Fort Bonifacio is virtually flood free.  Electrical lines have also been built underground making the skyline more viewable and with fewer distractions.

Restaurants are thriving in Fort Bonifacio.  The food choices have greatly expanded in the course of a few years.  Now nearly all major culinary regions are represented.  The price stratifications are also pretty much across the board, with at least one restaurant catering to every person’s budget.  There are the quickie snacks and meals on carts, the fast food and self serve outlets, the fine dine restaurants, and the bistros.  All of them offering a massive selection of choice.

Should exercise and fitness be your thing, you can always put on your running shoes as you pound the pavement in search of your perfect 5km stride.  You can always slow your pace down to a walk whenever you feel like resting a bit.  And if the great open spaces stop appealing to you, Fort Bonifacio is also home to fitness centers and gyms.  Each one air-conditioned and equipped with the latest exercise equipment designed to take the sting off your workout.  Personal trainers can be called in to assist you in designing your individual workout program that will address problem areas of your body.  Need to burn more calories without building up your muscle base?  Of course it’s possible.  At Fort Bonifacio, nearly everything is possible.