Business and Services In Fort Bonifacio

What would make Bonifacio Global City a viable alternative to Makati?  Consider first the sheer size of the land.  At 26 square kilometers, Bonifacio Global City will have the flexibility to design an urban complex that can provide all the vital elements needed to create a multi-faceted business district.  A successful mix of commercial and residential areas will result in a complimentary sales situation where the workplace is close to the residence.  By cutting the commuting time to a minimum, people will have more time to spend on either work, or leisure activities.  Either way, these situations will have a positive impact on productivity.

The first locators to Bonifacio Global City were the schools, food establishments and those from the service sector.  Now, there is a gasoline station, a Mercedes dealership, a supermarket, gyms and spas, and a jeepney terminal.

A somewhat recent addition to the Global City, Market! Market! is practically a one stop shop for just about everything.  From the simplest knick knacks found at the bazaar stalls, to the most complicated electronic devices; each one easily found here.

Market! Market! is also unique in that it has seafood, plants, fruits, and flowers sections.  Definitely not your typical mall fare.

The food choices within the Global City is also pretty diverse, and pretty many.  Food brands previously unheard of have put up shop here and made a name for themselves.  Budget constraints have also been addressed as there seems to be something for every price level; from the simple double digit fare to the potential four or five digit bank breaker.  Everything is available here.

Weekend bazaars are often held at the NBC tent.  These bazaars are perfect for those who have the energy to browse through fifty something shops in search of a bargain, or a treasure.  And who knows what you can find, as the shops that participate in these bazaars are as diverse as anywhere else.  Occasionally, there will be well-crafted leather or wood products in between shops of export overruns, which are in themselves great bargains already.  When a bazaar comes to the Global City, remember to try out the food that comes with it.  Look for the roast calf, where you can get them to make a roast beef sandwich for you.  Check out the native chocolate drink as well.  The taste will surely bring back memories of noche buena too.

For the Do It Yourself hobbyists, there is a very well stocked hardware at the Global City.  Hardware might be the most generic term for it as the store stocks a tremendous supply  of items for DIY projects.  Some of the favorites are pinewood bookshelves and lampshades.  

Salons and spas for those who need to indulge themselves occasionally or are into pampering themselves also abound in this community.  In the market for a good rubdown?  Choose from a range of treatments as basic as a backrub to something a little more  complicated as a Thai or a coffee rub massage.

At the Fort Bonifacio Global City, everything is now within reach.