Health and Fitness in Fort Bonifacio

Taking its place as the premiere piece of real estate for business and leisure, Fort Bonifacio Global City continues with its well-planned concept of providing an ever widening range of services to choose from.

As business and leisure go together, the Global City will not be complete without its share of establishments and services that are designed to provide activities meant to provide rejuvenation after a day of hard work.   And the range offered is both diverse, and in-depth.

Health and Fitness enthusiasts will most certainly head on towards Fitness First, at The Fort.  Here you will find the latest Techno gym and exercise equipments laid out in abundance so that an exercise machine is always available for you.   Hammer strength free weight stations are also available when you desire for a more whole body workout.  And since Fitness First has top-of-the-line facilities, you can expect the best steam and sauna facilities, along with luxurious locker rooms and a large comfortable lounge area.

Should you be one of the select few who live in the luxury condominiums within the Global City, then you need not go further as these condos come equipped with their own fitness centers.  Expect the basic amenities of a well-equipped gym alongside the more exotic indoor swimming pools and jogging area; this is just par for the area.

The tree-lined streets and well-lit pavements around are jogger-friendly, as well as conducive for leisurely walks with your family, friends and even your pets.  With more than ample space for outdoor activities, the Global City provides for group sporting activities such as foosball, soccer or even your lazy Sunday afternoon activities like kite-flying and badminton.

Salons offer another quick respite from the tensions of a bad hair day.  And again, the Global City has more than its share of some of the best salons!  Ricky Reyes and Lisa & Frank Salon will be more than happy to advice you about your bad hair days and give you roots a decadent lift.  Fort Bonifacio is also home to Mikaela’s Salon, U Salon, and Footloose Spa.  A good pampering will await you when you pay them a visit.

Some say that the most relaxing treatment is simply to enjoy the view at the end of the day.  And the stunning vistas and panoramas that unfold at sunset will surely relax even the most stressed person.  Enjoy the view from several coffee shops and al fresco restaurants that abound in the area.  Or enjoy it from the privacy of your own balcony.  Whether you have a view of the Makati skyline or the Ortigas district, the magic of sunset will surely enchant you as it has enchanted everybody who has spent time in anticipation of seeing the golden moment.

Afterwards, head on to the restaurant of your choice.  Here you will find that healthy dining alternatives are quite easy to find.  And if you just ask, I’m sure even the chef will be able to suggest some options which are not only healthy, but also quite tasteful and appetizing as well.

Fort Bonifacio Global City is truly coming into its own as a self-sufficient and well-integrated community.